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I offer the most flexible packages in the industry, so you can design your project to meet your own unique desires & budget. The 6 samples below provide an idea of what’s possible. You can also see our complete portfolio HERE.

All packages include delivery of all recorded media on your own portable hard drive for preservation! Extras can include recording in 4K resolution, professionally packaged Blu-ray discs, color enhancement, crane shots, animation, even film coverage – you name it!

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El Nido Productions is a one-person, local, home-based business that developed out of my passion for visual storytelling. What this means for you is:

• When the project calls for it, I rely on a network of freelance artists & technicians who rival or exceed my own experience!

• Direct communication with the person overseeing every aspect of your project, from concept to delivery.

• Undivided, enthusiastic attention to all aspects of your project!

• A sense of zeal permeated throughout every project!

• Low overhead = low pricing!

• You can reach me any hour of the day, any day of the year!

I also have experienced being a groom first-hand, frustrated with the overpriced & limited packaging options available by other videographers in the area. Therefore, in addition to being sensitive to your needs during what can be a fun (yet often draining) process, I have since decided to offer:

• Pricing based on the strong belief that every couple deserves, at the very least, professional documentation of their ceremony.

• The most flexible packages in the industry! YOU design the package for your own unique project, based on YOUR desires.

• Full cost transparency upfront.

• The lowest pricing for the highest standard of production value!

• For every project, the delivery of all original media files for your preservation!

I gained my wide range of artistic & technical experience by working on the sets of Hollywood films and attending classes at the San Francisco Film Society. I've been making films & videos professionally since 2005.

I look forward to hearing from you! It would be my honor & pleasure to capture, document, and share in your special day!

Sincerely Yours,
Brian Bort-Zarka

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