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(noun) - biographical documentaries crafted to honor the lives of your loved ones.

For one reason or another, whether it be discomfort with asking/answering personal questions, negligence, or merely life circumstances, many of us have missed out on truly getting to know those whom we love so much. Unfortunately, the struggles, passions, achievements, history, & meaning inherent in each person’s story are all too often lost with each passing life...

...but they can be captured! An honor-mentary is the perfect way to honor someone in your family who may be elderly, terminally ill, deceased, or celebrating an important milestone in their life. The concept has recently expanded to honor couples, entire generations, entire families, retirees, graduates, military heroes, community leaders - anyone you wish to honor!

Sharing their story in an intimate, personal way fosters respect among generations, survival of vanishing traditions, the posterity of moments in time, and the realization of a shared humanity. Not only is the audience profoundly affected by an honor-mentary, but many of those who participate in the process also testify to reestablished ties, stronger bonds, improved relationships, increased respect & admiration, greater understanding, and even forgiveness & healing. The more that you & others participate in the process of crafting your honor-mentary, the more rewarding an experience it will be for all.

The samples below provide some ideas of what's possible. You can also view our entire portfolio HERE.

Honor-mentaries: Text
Honor-mentaries: Portfolio


The "I Am" Project is a multi-media collaboration highlighting the stories of Center for Human Services clients, staff, & supporters, through photography, video, a book, interactive experiences with the public, an ongoing gallery exhibit, & more!

The central theme starts with a statement “I AM . . .” Portraits & video of participants is captured in response to the prompt, “I AM. . . ” with words they have selected as statements of positivity, strength, and growth, such as:

I AM brave.
I AM in recovery.
I AM a dad.

Six of the participants were selected for honor-mentaries of their respective stories. Each video portrait has it's own unique look, sound, style etc., reflecting the "I Am" statements of each participant, with the common theme of our shared humanity uniting them together. The entire project video series is below, including 2 behind the scenes videos. You can also see other media from the project HERE.

Honor-mentaries: About
The "I Am" Project: Behind the Lens
The "I Am" Project: Mike
The "I Am" Project: Tajhanae
The "I Am" Project: Amanda
The "I Am" Project: Ella
The "I Am" Project: Rosemary
The "I Am" Project: Jorge
The "I Am" Project: Behind the Scenes
Honor-mentaries: Videos


El Nido Productions is a one-person, local, home-based business that developed out of my passion for visual storytelling. What this means for you is:

• When the project calls for it, I rely on a network of freelance artists & technicians who rival or exceed my own experience!

• Direct communication with the person overseeing every aspect of your project, from concept to delivery.

• Undivided, enthusiastic attention to all aspects of your project!

• A sense of zeal permeated throughout every project!

• Low overhead = low pricing!

• You can reach me any hour of the day, any day of the year!

Years ago, after my first grandfather passed away, while listening to the eulogy and stories about him at his funeral, I realized that while I knew him as my grandfather, I had no idea who he was as a husband, father, coworker, etc. As a film-maker, I naturally channeled my curiosity into a video project about him. As I learned about him from these other perspectives, I saw the need in other families for this process. Since then, I’ve decided to offer:

• Pricing based on the strong belief that every family deserves this service!

• The most flexible packages in the industry! YOU design the package for your own unique project, based on YOUR desires.

• Full cost transparency upfront!

• The lowest pricing for the highest standard of production value!

• For every project, the delivery of all original media files for your preservation!

I gained my wide range of artistic & technical experience by working on the sets of Hollywood films and attending classes at the San Francisco Film Society. I've been making films & videos professionally since 2005. Since some of these projects are made either immediately before or after the passing of a loved one, I have taken some grief counseling courses to be more sensitive to your needs, and create the most comfortable & healing recording process & environment for you & your family.

I look forward to hearing from you! It would be my honor & pleasure to capture, document, and share in this journey with you!

Sincerely Yours,
Brian Bort-Zarka

Honor-mentaries: About
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