(noun) - a biographical documentary crafted to honor the life of your loved one.


For one reason or another, whether it be discomfort with asking/answering personal questions, negligence, or merely life circumstances, many of us have missed out on truly getting to know those whom we love so much. Unfortunately, the struggles, passions, achievements, history, and meaning inherent in each person’s story are all too often lost with each passing life...

...but they can be captured! An honor-mentary is the perfect way to honor someone in your family who may be elderly, terminally ill, already passed on, or celebrating an important milestone in their life. The concept has recently expanded to honor couples, entire generations, entire families, retirees, graduates, military heroes, community leaders - anyone you wish to honor!

Sharing their story in an intimate, personal way fosters respect among generations, survival of vanishing traditions, the posterity of moments in time, and the realization of a shared humanity. Not only is the audience profoundly affected by an honor-mentary, but many of those who participate in the process also testify to reestablished ties, stronger bonds, improved relationships, increased respect and admiration, greater understanding, and even forgiveness and healing. The more that you and others participate in the process of crafting your honor-mentary, the more rewarding an experience it will be for all.


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